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    Seen through the trees, the north elevation is a study of the reserved simplicity and discretion that characterize this house.next>
    Y§S Barn2[2 of 24]
    The topography of the site allowed for plenty of windows on the south elevation, with garage parking and basement area built into the hillside.<back next>

    Y§S Barn3[3 of 24]
    Viewed through a stand of hardwood trees to the west, the barn-like design of the house is in character with its setting.<back next>

    Y§S Barn4[4 of 24]
    Open spaces of the interior show the hemlock post and beam structure with white infill walls and red birch hardwood flooring.<back next>

    Y§S Barn5[5 of 24]
    A view to the siting room where the open space is scaled down for intimacy.<back next>

    Y§S Barn6[6 of 24]
    Detail of a south window extending beyond the second floor framing.<back next>

    Y§S Barn8Y§S Barn7 [7 of 24]
    Day and night views of the main living area.<back next>

    Y§S Barn11[8 of 24]
    Detail of natural materials seen from the main entry: brick, red birch flloring, hemlock framing, slate tile, "pickled" pine ceiling — all set against a canvass of white walls.<back next>

    Y§S Barn10Y§S Barn9 [9 of 24]
    Views from opposite ends of the main hallway.<back next>

    Y§S Barn12[10 of 24]
    Child's bedroom with toy collection on window seats.<back next>

    Y§S Barn19[11 of 24]
    Woods view framed through a south window.<back next>

    Y§S Barn13[12 of 24]
    Bedroom built-in corner nook.<back next>

    Y§S Barn14[13 of 24]
    Exposed rafters to skylights at roof ridge.<back next>

    Y§S Barn15[14 of 24]
    Detail of integrated ceiling lights with steel rod tension ties and exposed rafters.<back next>

    Y§S Barn18[15 of 24]
    Detail view from loft to kitchen.<back next>

    Y§S Barn16[16 of 24]
    View from stairwell to loft ceiling.<back next>

    Y§S Barn17[17 of 24]
    Loft floor with bookshelf railing and south window extending beyond floor framing.<back next>

    Y§S Barn20Y§S Barn21 [18 of 24]
    Views of bluestone patio railing.<back next>

    Y§S Barn22[19 of 24]
    Floor Plans<back next>

    Y§S Barn23[20 of 24]
    North and South Elevations<back next>

    Y§S Barn24[21 of 24]
    East and West Elevations<back next>

    Y§S Barn25[22 of 24]
    East/West Framing Elevations<back next>

    Y§S Barn26[23 of 24]
    Main Space Cross Section Drawing<back next>

    Y§S Barn25[24 of 24]
    Wall Section<back

Located between the hills and the sky in the woods of southern Vermont, the Y+S+N Barn is conceived as a house inspired by a barn and is used as a place of retreat for a family who live in the city.  The simple geometric form and reserved pallet of materials both inside and out serve as a clean canvass for the exquisite taste applied to finish work and furnishings.

Click through the slide show above to view the finished house and select drawings, or scroll through the film strip below to follow the context, design and construction.

[A later addition of a screened porch to the west gable end of the house can be seen here.]

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