THE DESIGN STUDIO is featured on Discovery Health Channel's Healthy Home Show.


There's no place like home. And every year people pour thousands of dollars into trying to repair, remodel and refresh their homes to make them as attractive and as comfortable as possible. But having an attractive home does not necessarily mean it's healthy. Discovery Health Channel's newest daytime series, HEALTHY HOME, promises to inform and inspire viewers to make their surroundings a healthier, happier place for themselves and their families. Hosted by Canadian broadcaster Tamara Stanners, HEALTHY HOME, provides useful information on every aspect of healthy home living. HEALTHY HOME makes its world premiere on New Year's Day at 7 AM (ET) and begins airing on January 2 in its regular Monday through Friday time slot at 7 AM, 10 AM and 3:30 PM.

The premiere season of HEALTHY HOME includes three Vermont homes:

The show will air the Burde Residence, the Maclay Residence, and the Montgomery Residence on January 18, 19, and 22 respectively.

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Americans live in a health-conscious society where we cut down on using aerosol cans to preserve the ozone, recycle newspapers to conserve trees and carpool to work to improve air quality. So much time and effort is put into preventing outside pollution that many people forget about the pollutants inside their homes that can make them just as sick. HEALTHY HOME provides useful information on every aspect of healthy living, whether it's improving the air quality in the home, making the home child-proof or designing a healthy home office. Each episode of HEALTHY HOME introduces viewers to people from all walks of life who have one thing in common-they have taken on the challenge of making their home a healthier place to live.

Viewers will hear amazing stories of how ordinary people transformed their homes-and their lives-into models of healthy living. HEALTHY HOME gives easy-to-follow tips and sound advice on simple ways to improve the home such as using old grass clippings instead of chemicals to fertilize new grass, knowing which paints are less-toxic when painting the house and using houseplants to clean the air in your home. Viewers will take away the knowledge to help them live better lives.

HEALTHY HOME is produced for Discovery Health Channel by Omni Film Productions. Brian Hamilton is the executive producer. Executive Producer for Discovery Health Channel is Claire Vande Polder.

For more information on the Vermont homes featured on the show, contact:

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